QMS within Governance & Financial Processes Technical Committee

Mission: Provide mentorship and guidance through the development and dissemination of integrative QMS processes and techniques to support and align with an organization’s governance and financial management systems.
Mission Statement: To provide guidance and extend QMS techniques and processes into an organization’s governance and financial systems in order to improve business performance and to address the chasm between quality practitioners and senior management.
Charter: The QMS within Governance & Finance Technical Committee of the Quality Management Division (QMD) is responsible for acquiring, organizing, and developing high-level content, in the form of articles, books, conference publications, courses, web-based media, and other products. It will use this information to educate management and quality professionals so that they may improve their overall organizational performance by more effectively integrating their quality, governance and financial systems.
High Level Strategic Plan:
To address the Governance and Finance gap within existing QMS models by:
· Developing and issuing relevant content across a variety of media and venues
· Educating and sharing the content with quality professionals and executives so that they may leverage and apply these tools in their organizations
· Partnering with relevant, external organizations in Organizational Finance and Governance to share information
Objective (Goal):
The goal is for this technical committee to serve as an “incubator” of relevant content related to the integration of QMS processes in organizational Governance and Financial systems.
The scope of this technical committee includes the Quality Management Division, organization professionals in the community at large and selected partners aligned in Governance and Financial systems.

Committee Members

Leader: Jd Marhevko
Leader Bio: Jd Marhevko is an ASQ Fellow and possesses multiple ASQ recognitions and certifications. Jd has been a quality and lean practitioner for over 25 years in a variety of industry including automotive, aerospace, chemical, food, consulting, etc. Jd is currently employed by Accuride Corporation as a VP of Quality and Lean Systems.
Members: Sandford Liebesman, Mike Parrillo and Daniel Zrymiak

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