The Quality Management Division (QMD) of ASQ was established in May of 1953. As the largest of the ASQ’s 22 divisions, the 70 member leadership team volunteers countless hours to assure that the division provides value to its 22,000 members. The challenges, as identified in the current Future of Quality Study, which identifies global topics concerning today’s Quality professionals, consist of issues such as global responsibility, consumer awareness, globalization, the increasing rate of change, the workforce of the future, aging populations, a holistic view of 21st century Quality, and innovation. These issues and many others are addressed by QMD technical committees and subject matter experts. The support of its network of volunteers, beyond those who are in leadership positions, establishes QMD as the critical information source for Quality.

The QMD is governed by a Division Management Agreement (DMA) issued by ASQ. The DMA defines how the QMD is to be generally structured and managed. Today, the QMD is led by a division chair across a two year term. The chair is supported by the chair-elect, past chair, audit chair, secretary, treasurer, and several vice chairs. Officers are elected biannually by the division members. Reporting to the vice chairs are chairs and other individuals who carry out projects and activities. See the web-site for additional details on:

  • Leadership: The current Member Leader structure and their contact information.
  • Technical Committees (TCs): Details on the various QMD TCs and their objectives
  • Quality Management Forum (QMF): The Forum is mailed quarterly to members in North America and is available electronically to all other members
  • Podcasts: When the QMD hosts conferences, videos of the sessions are posted on the website and made available to all members at no charge
  • Extensive QA/Lean Resources and Material: Review the links for access to a multitude of sites to help you gather relevant information

The key to enabling the QMD to provide value to its members is a dedicated and committed volunteer base. QMD volunteers have the opportunity to make a difference while they practice their management skills in positions of global authority and responsibility across a variety of functions. For information on volunteering for a position in any of the areas shown on the organization chart, contact the Volunteer Coordinator or any other member listed in the Leadership section of the website.

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