The History of QMD’s predecessor:

the Administrative Applications Division

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the ASQ Quality Management Division. Half of that history occurred under a different name. Most of us only remember our Division as Quality Management; however there is an equally long history before that name appeared.
The attached document was written in 1985 by Dr. Arlen Custer (A.C.) Rosander, a member of the Administrative Applications Division. Dr. Rosander was on the faculty at University of Chicago with specialties in Psychiatry and Psychology. His interest in statistics led him to publish Applications of Quality Control to the Service Industry in 1985. The book was reissued in 2007.
The transition from the Administrative Applications Division to the Quality Management Division was not without incident. There was some significant disagreement on the future of the Division and how the Body of Knowledge supporting professional development of its members should grow. Subsequently, the membership split into the Service Quality Division, which still supports an A.C. Rosander scholarship, and the present Quality Management Division.
There is history here that some of the legacy members of AAD and QMD are capturing before this generation fades away. Look for more short updates in mailings over the next year. The Quality Management website will open a segment with additional information and scanned documents from our 60 year history.
For any of our members who wish to share memories of our impressive history, please contact me so we can capture your valuable information.

Grace L. Duffy
Past Chair, Quality Management Division 2001 – 2003
Eustis, Fl
(352) 406-8262 cell

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